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The Institute teaches Spoken English at four levels - Basic, Junior, Senior and Advanced. The Spoken English course is designed to help the students in. The minimum qualification required to join Spoken English course is SSC pass. The minimum age limit for obtaining application form is above 17 years (born on . dananda, published by the Ramakrishna Math of Mylapore, Madras,. Saradananda . material form of the Goddess emerged, first a hand, then. Her breath, Her of Sanskrit, Bengali, Arabic, Persian and English, the father of modern Bengali .. by most of the men who have spoken of him even within the Brahmo.


Students must bring their textbooks to the classes. Strict silence is to be maintained in the Prayer Hall and while moving in the premises. The Medium of Instruction is in English only.

Spoken English for Tourist(www.zwmnna.com).pdf

In case of any difficulty or problem, students can individually contact the Co-ordinator to redress their problems. The above list is not exhaustive and is subject to additions and alterations by the Co-ordinator without any prior notice. Punctuality is very essential.

Late-coming or abstaining from the classes will lead to losing of marks. Good manners and behaviour are expected at all times The use of cell phones, recorders, cameras, radios are strictly prohibited within the campus during the class hour. We expect the students to take the above guidelines seriously, sincerely and in a positive spirit. Because, it is an opportunity for them to develop their character and personality through self-discipline and self-effort. The Ashrama reserves the rights of continuing the course to any candidate transgressing its codes of behaviour.

Advanced Level Conversation practice, sentence structure, synthesis and analysis of sentences, phonetics, idioms and proverbs, phrasel verbs, art of public speaking, debates, creative writing, essay writing, group discussions and much more. Weekdays 9. Evening 4.

Sundays 3.

List of English Verbs With Marathi Meaning -Study Material Spoken English Bhosari

The students may contact the Librarian for other details. Swami Vivekananda on Language Language is the vehicle of ideas. It is the ideas that are of prime importance, language comes after. Human language is the attempt to express the truth that is within.

What we need, you know, is to study, independent of foreign control, different branches of the knowledge that is our own, and with it the English language and Western science; we need technical education and all else that may develop industries so that men, instead of seeking for service, may earn enough to provide for themselves, and save something against a rainy day.

My success is due to my popular style — the greatness of a teacher consists in the simplicity of his language. Simplicity is the secret.

Howrah, West Bengal, started by Swami Vivekananda. Later in the year it was shifted to the present premises. At present the Hostel has strength of 86 boys studying from 6th to 12th standard in the Matriculation Higher Secondary School of the Ashrama.

Proper stress is also laid on leadership training and patriotic way of living to enable them to be responsible citizens of our nation. Administration The Hostel is maintained and supervised by the monastic members of the Ramakrishna Order. The monastic members are assisted by experienced and dedicated staff. In all the matters of administration, selection of candidates, discipline, mess arrangements, etc.

Curriculam The curriculum and examinations are as prescribed by the Department of Education, Tamil Nadu. Only the boys who have studied up to the previous standard in English medium with Tamil as the first language are eligible for admission. In addition there will be an interview. The admission is for One Year Only. The re-admission for the following years up to X standard will depend upon the overall performance and behavior of the boy. The nominated local guardian must have a genuine concern for the boy and must be helpful in taking care at the times of need.

Boys, suffering from contagious or chronic or any other serious diseases, such as fits, etc. If any boy is found not eligible after admission on account of the facts not revealed earlier, he shall be removed from the hostel forthwith. Amenities A Shrine and Prayer hall. Playground for outdoor games. Throughout the day the boys are kept engaged in studies and various types of extra-curricular activities which help their all-round development.

Details in Appendix I. The old boys can use the bed etc. A spiritual atmosphere is maintained through prayer, meditation and Celebration of religious festivals.

Prayers are held both in the Morning and Evening comprising devotional songs, Upanisad and Gita Chanting. During the Lunch and dinner sessions Bhagavad Gita is chanted.

This is to inculcate in boys the sense that food is divine.

Vidyarthi Homa is performed every year. On this occasion all the new boys will take 5 Vows, which are the Code of Conduct for a student. These Vows draw the minds of the students towards higher values of life and inculcate a sense of brotherhood among them.

Throughout the year training and orientation will be given in Quiz, Essay Writing, Recitation of inspiring passages, Devotional Songs and chanting of our scriptures.

This amount will be refunded after adjusting the hostel dues, if any, when the boy leaves the Hostel. No refund, other than the caution deposit, will be made when the boy leaves or is removed from the Hostel. These bills include the actual school fees, medical, and other personal expenses, besides the second or third instalments of the hostel charges.

No deduction from the hostel charges will be allowed for the period of absence.

The payments may be made to the warden of the Hostel by a demand draft drawn in favour of Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Hostel on any Chennai branch of a nationalised bank.

It should not be drawn in the name of any Swamiji. If the amount is sent by M. The payment by cash is not encouraged. Normally the bills, circulars, etc. The fines are imposed only to bring discipline among the boys. If the boy is withdrawn from the hostel in the middle of the academic year, he has to pay the full fees of the year.

In case the bill is not received on or before the 7th of the specified month please take a Demand Draft for Rs. Some parents are in the habit of sending the remittance late. In such cases, the boy will disqualify himself for readmission in the following year.

Ram a Krishna Math, Hyderabad - Yoga, Personality Development Etc.

The total cost for the number of pieces of clothes washed will be included in the subsequent bills. They should make use of this occasion to provide the children with the required stationery items. The parents should strictly adhere to the timings prescribed for taking out and to bring back the boys. If a boy fails to return on the scheduled day, a fine of Rs.

Important Note: 1. Please take an application form ONLY if you can come to classes on time i. We are extremely particular about punctuality. Students are advised to reach the Institute 15 minutes before the commencement of class.


Only four leaves are permitted in the entire session of 3 months approximately 36 classes. Candidates are not permitted to join more than one language in a session. Classes start with a 10 minutes prayer.

Attending the prayer is compulsory. Latecomers are not permitted to attend classes. Students are requested to dress in a decent manner befitting the sanctifying atmosphere of the Institute and the Math. Students without identity cards and prayer books are allowed to attend classes. They may study in the library.

Students are not permitted to leave the Institute before the end of the class, except on health grounds. They should leave the Institute within 10 minutes after the end of the classes.Just by attending the first class of J.

MinimumC Grade 50 marks or above is mandatory in order to proceed to the next level. Students must attend the classes regularly to qualify for appearing in the final assessment test oral and written and for obtaining the Certificate.

The other disciples called him "Gopal-da" da denotes elder brother. It should not be drawn in the name of any Swamiji. Boys, suffering from contagious or chronic or any other serious diseases, such as fits, etc. Even as a child he was compassionate by nature and he gave his shirt to a school friend when his got ripped and frequently gave food to beggars secretively so his parents would not know.

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