SAFe for Lean Enterprises. Books on SAFe. SAFe® Distilled: Applying the Scaled Agile Framework® for Lean Software and Systems. Yes, there are SAFe books that provide excellent learning material. Here are two: SAFe® Distilled: Applying the Scaled Agile Framework for. This is an awesome book to read to understand the SAFe framework. The summary of the feedback is - compared to the trainings and the books on the subject.

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In SAFe Distilled, Richard Knaster and Dean Leffingwell show leaders and practitioners how to achieve faster time to market, higher productivity, improve the quality of their technology solutions, and bridge the divide between executives, managers and practitioners, aligning everyone towards common goals and objectives.

If you want to scale and sustain Agile in the enterprise, and more importantly get significantly better business outcomes, SAFe can get you there.

SAFe Distilled will help you launch it, quickly earn value from it, and grow its value with every new endeavor. Fully updated to include the new innovations in SAFe 4.

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This new edition also includes 14 advance topics articles and a revised glossary. Tribal Unity is a real world, practical guide, for Lean-Agile Leaders committed to making their organizations truly great places to work. Filled with concrete practices, illustrated through personal anecdotes, this book serves as an inspiration for those wanting to transform the culture of their organization.

Put simply Tribal Unity is a distillation of proven patterns that are revolutionizing the way teams of teams connect and perform. Are you a change agent, consultant, coach or Lean-Agile leader? If so, then this novel about leadership and building a Lean-Agile enterprise is for you! He finds himself in the middle of turbulent action—the company has failed to cope with the increasing complexities of building competitive communications solutions, and is rapidly losing market share.

Caught between a traditional approach to program and portfolio management, and half-baked Agile methods at the team level, he struggles to help his company find a way out. Ethan finally discovers a glimpse of hope—a method that applies the notion of agility at a much higher scale. Inspired by this discovery, Ethan charges into action, launching the rollout of a new method at his company.

But in no time, he runs into a many obstacles. You will be quickly immersed into an action-packed story of a transformation that will change your concept of adopting Lean and Agile at scale.

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This book will help you will learn many lessons about leading a Lean-Agile transformation, before you venture out on your own and possibly make some critical missteps. Effective requirements discovery and analysis is a critical best practice for serious application development. Until now, however, requirements and Agile methods have rarely coexisted peacefully. For many enterprises considering Agile approaches, the absence of effective and scalable Agile requirements processes has been a showstopper for Agile adoption.

In Agile Software Requirements, Dean Leffingwell shows exactly how to create effective requirements in Agile environments.

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This book will help you leverage the benefits of Agile without sacrificing the value of effective requirements discovery and analysis. The author of a book may include coded messages by carefully choosing the wording, such as in a simple acrostic where the first letter of each word spells another word.

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If you want to scale and sustain Agile in the enterprise, and more importantly get significantly better business outcomes, SAFe can get you there. In the film The Matrix , the central character Neo hides several computer disks in a copy of Jean Baudrillard 's Simulacra and Simulation.

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